Friday Morning Minutes 2009-10

Old Anacortes Rowing and Sailing Society

Annual Meeting and Potluck Dinner, Oct. 28, 2010

About forty members and guests gathered at the Anacortes Yacht Club for a potluck and election of officers for the coming year.  The current officers were recognized for their contributions by Steve McLean and Carlann Copps, and the proposed slate of officers for 2010-2011 was accepted by the membership.

President—Carlann Copps

Vice-President—John Guinn

Secretary Team—Jan Schutzler and Chuck Ackerman

Treasurer—Gale Thompson

Trustees—Jim Laurel, Steve McLean and David Pratt

Phil Eley shared a PowerPoint story of the building of the Island Star with the montage of photos he’s taken this past year.  The crew from Emerald Marine, David Jackson, Donn Wilson and others were recognized for their skillful contributions to the project.


Old Anacortes Rowing and Sailing Society

Minutes for Oct. 22, 2010   

10 members attended.

At next week’s annual meeting, Bill McGaw will address how we need to care for the shelter zippers.

Bernie Bell is a new member.  Dues for 2011 can be paid any time now, and the trustees need to prepare a proposed budget. December is considered the “end point” for our record keeping.  Bill McGaw will need a budget at that time for our IRS filing as a non-profit by January 15. Karen gave Chuck a CD of minutes and other data from her past two years as club secretary and will pass the boxes of stored records on to the new secretaries after next week’s election of officers. Lexie has Excel data templates for the new Treasurer.

Our boats have been swapped. The Rescue is residing at Jack Middleton’s house, and the Erica is at Emerald Marine for repairs.

There was discussion of the differences between rowing the Island Star and the other boats. The cox sits farther forward, and the crew steps in from the bow. It can feel tippy until underway.  The Star moves quickly, so too fast an exit would put you across the fairway, so keep the paddles handy. Donn Wilson is preparing a list of guidelines for the Masters rowing the Island Star. Other observations were:

·         Thwart pads are a bit low

·         Stretcher system needs to be simplified

·         Oar locks are temporary and will be replace when our new oars are made

·         Step carefully over the cox’s backrest when getting the rudder

Phil has posted some new pictures of the fleet on the website. There will be no Friday morning meeting next week.

Meeting adjourned at 7:50. Minutes submitted by Karen Eichler, Sec.


Old Anacortes Rowing and Sailing Society

October 15, 2010

17 members attended, including guest, Bill Huffington, a former OARS member.

The Treasurer’s report was read and approved. We have a new member, Susan Wintermantle.

Members have been informed of the proposed slate of officers by e-mail, the Tholepin and the club website. With the transition of officers coming, Lexie proposed a Quickbooks program be purchased for club use, which will be passed on to future treasurers. Motion was accepted.

Bill McGaw warned that with the weather changing, the shelter needs to be kept closed, including the Southeast door. The new zippers have an overlay of fabrics which will keep them clean.

The Annual Meeting and election of officers next Thursday evening will replace our regular Friday morning meeting on Oct. 29.

John Guinn has agreed to take over the Friday AM rowing schedule while Chuck is gone for the winter months.

The Island Star now has 5 coats of varnish, but now needs 5 life jackets. Karen will be contacting Wade Smith at the Mystic Seaport Museum to tell them about the Island Star project.

An orientation for Masters wanting to use the Island Star will be coming up, as there are some differences in handling a boat with a smaller rudder. Donn will be providing a list of the differences between rowing the Island Star and the other gigs. Masters were reminded that every two years they need to practice all qualifying procedures and complete a written test, which has been mailed to them.

Meeting adjourned at 7:50

Minutes submitted by Karen Eichler, Sec.





Old Anacortes Rowing and Sailing Society 

October 8, 2010  

11 members attended.

The original intent of the Friday Morning Pickup Crew was discussed. The post-meeting rowing opportunity was designed as an orientation for new members. As they moved up to a regular crew, other members who were substituting, but not on a regular crew, were added into the scheduling.

John Pope shared the minutes from the Small Boat Center meeting. The SBC now has a 15-year, renewable lease with the Port for a boat yard in the parking area close to P & O docks. Over the winter the area will be fenced in and locked. The storage rates will be $10-$30/mo for kayaks, lasers, and skiffs, and $35 to $100/mo for trailered boats. The official start-up for the yard will be April 1, 2011, and over the winter, efforts will be made to attract renters. In the meantime, there are a number of committees at work to set the ground rules for the operation of the yard and boat hoist. If any OARS members would like to serve on any of the following committees, please contact Jane Billinghurst or Michelle Pope.

·         Hoist Committee—rules for operation, safety modifications and fees

·         Boat Yard—how to measure boats, rental contracts, yard management and fees

·         Facilities—design of Seafarer’s Park area and eventually a Boathouse and Sail Loft on City land near the Boat Yard

·         Public Relations—generating enough profit over next three years to build the boat house.

Gig maintenance was discussed.  Emerald Marine finisher, Meagan King, could help as lead organizer and co-coordinator of volunteers, for $30 an hour. Both gigs need scraping and cleaning before applications of bottom and side paint. The estimated cost will be $1000 a boat. The estimated haul out time will be the end of October. Michelle suggested that members could make donations rather than volunteering.

Donn Wilson moved that Megan King be authorized as lead finisher, and the motion was seconded by Dave Jackson. Motion was approved.

Meeting adjourned at 8:30 by acting President Carlann Copps. 

Minutes submitted by Karen Eichler, Sec.


10-10-10  ATTENTION ALL OARS MEMBERS!!  Though not technically part of the club minutes at this time,  I thought it would be a good place to post the following proposed slate of officers for the coming year.  At the Annual Meeting and Potluck on Oct. 28th (6:00 at the Anacortes Yacht Club), we will be voting on our new club leadership.   Karen Eichler, Sec.

President - Carlann Copps
VP - John Guinn
Secretary - Jan Schutzler/Chuck Ackerman
Treasurer - Gale Thompson
Trustees - Steve McLean (president), Jim Laurel and David Pratt.






Old Anacortes Rowing and Sailing Society

October 1, 2010

16 members present at the meeting.

And what happened at the Lake Samish race last week?  The crew reported the Island Star averaged 6 mph, rowing 7 minutes faster than last year. 

The Annual Meeting—potluck and election of officers—will be held at the Anacortes Yacht Club on Oct. 28th at 6:00.  An invitation will be e-mailed to the membership.

It is essential that we have a slate of officers, hopefully including some new people!  Without officers and trustees, the club will no longer meet the rules of the by-laws, literally taking OARS out of the water. Volunteers are invited to step up to this leadership opportunity!

The Elizabeth Bonaventure is back in her slip in the shelter. The Erica is due to come out for maintenance and after some varnish work, the Island Star will go into the shelter.  A question was raised as to the future of the space where the Annie C. is currently docked.

We still need to locate 5 life jackets.

Meeting adjourned at 7:50.  Minutes submitted by Karen Eichler, Sec.






OARS meeting held September 24, 2010. 

13 members were present.

Sadly, President Steve McLean’s resignation, due to health reasons, was accepted, but he’s making a good recovery. Carlann Copps will finish the term as President, and Bill McGaw will serve as Vice President.

There will be a Trustees’ meeting on Monday morning to discuss the slate of officers for the coming election.  Members will be informed of the candidates for office two weeks prior to the election at our annual meeting in October, as by-laws require. Tentatively, the annual potluck dinner will be held at the Anacortes Yacht Club at 6:00, and Phil Eley has been asked to share the picture story he and Bob Brody have compiled as the Island Star was built. Members are invited to consider running for any of the offices!

Approval was given for reimbursement to Phil for chandlery and transportation expenses for the Island Star.  New and replacement life jackets will be purchased.

Recertification tests have been mailed to all the Masters.

Bev Larsen requested Masters for two Monday and Wednesday crews.


Old Ancortes Rowing and Sailing Society

Minutes from September 10, 2010   

15 members present

Guest Sue Wintermantle, became our newest member.

Minutes and Treasurer’s reports were read.  Final payment for the Island Star was made in August.

The Island Star was taken to Port Townsend on Wednesday, ready for Saturday’s match race with the Salish Star.  The weekend races, crews, and the float plan were discussed.

Nominations are open for OARS officers and two trustees.  Details on When? and Where? the annual meeting will take place needs to be decided.

Also discussed was the question of where the Star will be moored.  It could fit where the Rescue had been. Since coxing the Star is considerably different from the other gigs, Masters need an opportunity to try it out, and there may be specific qualifications required.

Another logistical issue to be ironed out is work space, because the area at Emerald Marine is not heated. Trustees need to discuss and offer suggestions for club decisions, relating to a number of pending considerations.

Carlann thanked OARS for the background training that helped her fix an oar lock while on her sailing vacation.

And Lexie introduced a new command: WHOA!  Because of high tide, both boats were using the “back door” one morning, and discovered a narrow spot and blind corners, but thanks to all hands being observant, no harm came to boats or crews.

There’s a new feature on our website now which captures some “interesting” and novel tie-ups with inventive cleat hitches. Knot to be missed!

Minutes respectfully submitted by Karen Eichler, Sec.


Old Anacortes Rowing and Sailing Society

Minutes for Sept. 3, 2010—Unofficial Meeting, with only two officers present; Jim Laurel headed the meeting.

19 members attended, including former member Annette Saling who had rowed with OARS in 1995. Leona Edwards, new to Anacortes, was given a trial rowing card and went out with the Friday AM Pickup Crew for her first time out.

Thursday’s launch party for the Island Star was discussed, and Michelle had already received an e-mail thank you from Colin Herman who was impressed with the path of rose petals that ushered in the Star.

Torgy submitted the float plan for next week’s Island Star participation in the Port Townsend race between the Salish Star and the Island Star. It’s a 2 ½ mile “intercity” match race. The builders from Emerald Marine thanked OARS for their support and cooperation throughout the construction project.

Some T-shirts had been printed for guest recognitions at the launch party. Some mixed sizes are available at $15 a shirt.

The annual meeting and election of officers will be held in October. A slate of officers will be put together by a nominating committee, and the membership will receive notification of the proposed ballot, which will be posted in the club minutes. Two elected trustees plus the past president and the new officers comprise the Board of Trustees.

Meeting adjourned at 7:50.


Old Anacortes Rowing and Sailing Society

Minutes from August 27, 2010   

Nineteen members attended.

The upcoming launch of the Island Star was discussed. There’s been a delay getting the oar locks from the foundry, but they should arrive in time. Workers are needed to help finish the interior. At 5 PM on Sept. 2, two rowing crews will escort the Island Star to the shelter, after its launch, in a Pass and Review down the Fairway. Afterward, the club will have a Pot Luck dinner and a chance for members to do some evening rowing.

A question was raised as to long-range storage. The Glide needs to be pulled for repair work, and David said the Elizabeth Bonaventure will also be coming out for work.

Michelle shared some club T-shirt design ideas and suggested a T-shirt design contest.  We could call for designs to be submitted—the winner would receive a rowing card. For next Thursday’s  row, the gray shirt printed with the Cornish gig will be the preferred crew-wear and each crew will plan its own form of salute for the Pass and Review.

Meeting adjourned at 8AM.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Karen Eichler, Sec.

Old Anacortes Rowing and Sailing Society

Minutes for August 20, 2010--a NON-Meeting gathering as only two officers were present. 14 members attended, Torgy presiding.

Bob Brody’s crew of 5 took the Island Star to Heart Lake to determine the water line. David now knows his camera’s waterline.

Two coats of primer have been applied to the Star; putty and sanding work continues.

The upcoming Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festival on Sept. 11 was discussed.  There’s a Builders’ Race and a general race in which OARS members will participate. The logistics of getting the crew and boats from Keystone to Port Townsend were discussed. Torgy will write and submit a float plan for the out-of-area rowing event.  The start time for the race is 9:30 AM.  There is a schooner race featured in the afternoon.

Michelle has designed a flyer announcing the Island Star Launch Party which Art posted to the membership e-addresses.

Friday AM rowers left at 8:00; “non”-meeting adjourned. Minutes submitted by Karen Eichler, Sec.

OARS Non-meeting Minutes


13 August 2010



Called to order at 07:27 by Carlann Copps.  12 members present.

 John Guinn passed out OARS “business” cards that Diane had printed at Bayshore.

 Michele said the Thursday 2 SEP potluck to celebrate completion of the Island Star may include new T-shirts to be worn over long-sleeved red and blue shirts for a photo-op.  She showed the original of the OARS logo that shows an old-fashioned launching of a Cornish gig.

 There is a Small Boat Center Newsletter being written and OARS history and recent activities are to be included.

 Phil Eley showed pictures of the Island Star with pumpkin-colored primer on its hull.

 Jim Laurel reported the Island Star will be taken to Hart Lake to determine waterline and to address thwart knee and thwart pad issues.



Old Anacortes Rowing and Sailing Society

Minutes from August 6, 2010  15 members were present.    

Work on the leathers has been postponed for a while.

Lexie read the Treasurer’s Report.  A motion was made, seconded, and approved to make the final payment of $3000 to Emerald Marine for completion  of the Island Star.  The rudder is made, and final details are underway. David contributed all the crooks, and would like a letter for tax credit. The oar locks are being made—there’s a fee of $100 for the mold cast, and the whole package is $200.

Two split thwart pads or cushions are going to be needed to allow rowers to sit close to the gunnels. Phil shared pictures of the thwart knee positioning which differs somewhat from the Salish Star. Modifications had been made to increase the boat’s stiffness.  Fashioning the pads will be an additional expense. A cover for the new boat, and bags or suspenders for life jackets will need to be added.

The race is on for September  11 in Port Townsend. We plan to launch the Island Star on September 1 which gives practice time after it leaves Emerald Marine. Today the boat is being moved to the tent for painting.  A Launch Party is planned for Sept. 2.

Phil addressed the previous plan to display the Island Star at the Skagit County Fair. Apparently next year would be a better time, so no volunteers will be needed. Andy indicated a rowing club in Olympia has shown in building a boat like the Island Star.

The Weideman barn is now empty and clean (thanks Phil!), with only brackets and shelving remaining. Wayne has asked about moving the trailers. They could be taken to the Small Boat Center storage area now, and stacked until needed.  A call will be made to Weideman’s to inform them of our intent to move the trailers, and Karen will send a letter of thanks for their generosity, allowing our boat—and stuff—storage over the past years.

The club picnic was a success!  Twenty rowers joined for a pot luck meal and four new rowers had a chance to get out on the water. To ensure continuity of our rowing club, we need to be considering a plan to develop a Junior Rowers organization. Thanks, Steve for providing the grill…and the idea!

Phil Eley was recognized for his very artistic photographic history of the Island Star, from its first boards, to the final construction stages.  He’s produced a lovely documentation of the work in progress!

Meeting adjourned at 8:05.  Respectfully submitted by Karen Eichler, Sec.


Old Anacortes Rowing and Sailing Society

Minutes from July 30, 2010

14 members present.

The minutes from last week were approved as read.

Preparation for the potluck on the July 31 Family Fun Day was discussed.  A show of hands was requested for a count of how many people may be expected.  There seem to be enough Masters planning to attend so there will be lots of on-the-water time.  Children’s life jackets are available from the Port.  Art is going to post another web announcement reminding members of the time and place.

David Jackson made the official request for $100 a month to be paid Emerald Marine for the club’s storage space.  Lexie proposed the motion, which was seconded and approved.  We have a little bit of leeway for clearing out Weideman’s barn, but everything must be removed and the barn cleaned. Phil has agreed to lead the moving party, and helping hands will meet at the barn on Monday, August 2, at 10:00. 

Donn reported the Island Star is ready for paint—white with green trim.  The Skagit Fair showing of the new boat was discussed—Emerald Marine will be there but we’ll need some club members there to represent OARS and stay with the exhibit.  There was a lot of public attention generated when the shelter was replaced, with people asking about OARS, and many were interested in wooden boats. Perhaps we can place a permanent marker that would identify the shelter?

Bill McGaw and Chuck Ackerman will be calling members for help cleaning the leathers and oars. They’ll begin with the gig oars, working in the parking lot. Warm weather is needed for the saddle soap process on the leathers.

Meeting adjourned at 8:00 AM. Minutes respectfully submitted by Karen Eichler, Sec.

Old Anacortes Rowing and Sailing Society 

Minutes from July 23;           17 members attended

Two guests—Garth Wilson and John Meyers. (John is on his way to Maine with Adventure Cycling on a bike trip.)

Old Business:

Thanks to Diane Guinn for making the small OARS information cards that are available in the shelter box.

Island Star progress report given—thwarts and floor boards are being installed.  We’ve received an invitation to display the Island Star at the Port Townsend Wooden Boat Center September 10-12.  David Jackson requested the club pay the $180 exhibit fee which includes crew passes.  Motion was made, seconded and the request for the fee was accepted.

OARS is having a Family Day on July 31. We’ll meet in the parking lot near the shelter, and set up tables for a Potluck picnic.  You’ll be able to row without any fees, and the Elizabeth Bonaventure will be set for sailing.  We do need tables!!

August 1st is barn clean-out day! Phil Eley reported that Michele, Steve, and he gave some preliminary sorting and tossing time, leaving some of the paint and paint thinner. Donn and Phil made a dump run to get rid of some of the old paint, but there are approximately 3 pickup loads of stuff remaining to be moved and possibly RE-moved.  Phil’s posted some pictures of the previous storage site and on the website, showing what still needs attention. The file cabinet contains paperwork that probably goes back 30 years to the start of the club. The file need to be sorted, and some saved as club historical artifacts.

New Business:

We need to revisit a previous expectation of the club, which kept all crew members informed of current events.  How do we encourage at least one member to attend meetings?

The shelter doors are to remain open throughout the summer!

Meeting adjourned at 8 A.M.



Od Anacortes Rowing and Sailing Society

Minutes from July 16

17 members attending.

Minutes from July 9 were approved as read.

Old Business:   

Jim Laurel reported the East end panel has been cleaned, repaired, and zip ties attached. Applause and appreciation go to all the volunteers who replaced the shelter:  Bill McGaw, Jim Laurel, Phil Eley, John Guinn, Rudy Gahler, Bill Testerman, Bob Brodie, Michele Pope, Steve McLean, Keith Wiege, Jack Bernard, Dale Klint, Herb Pearson, and Donn Wilson. If any names have been accidentally omitted, the minutes will be amended right away!

While the work was being done, the crew found the frame is going to require some repair, because there is corrosion and a broken weld. The west end panel will need to be cleaned at some point, but it will need to remain in place for the process. Perhaps the Port could be contacted for a floating platform from which we could work? The new shelter cover is twice as strong as the old one, with more durable fabric, yet it’s not as heavy. Now to dispose of the old shelter cover—or should it be stored? It’s at the barn now, but everything in the barn<

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