Minutes OARS General Meeting, April 21, 2017

OARS General Meeting Minutes, April 21, 2017

Jack Darnton, President opened the meeting at 7:30 a.m. There were 12 members present, including three officers (Jack Darnton, Cathy Schaeffer – VP and Simone Spiess - Secretary). Members introduced themselves. There were no guests.

The minutes of the April 7, 2017 meeting were read and approved.

Reports and Updates

Ship 4081:

Cathy could use more volunteers for the Monday morning 10-12 row. Another Master would  be helpful.  David Jackson reminded all that he plans to take the Elizabeth Bonaventure out for a sail on Sunday, April 23 at 2 pm. Cathy has invited the Salish Sea Deaf School students.


Messabout – Skip Dassler and Cathy have their plans in place.

Waterfront Festival June 3&4 – The Island Star will be pull on Friday, May 2. Torgy Torgersen  suggested cleaning the boat with a pressure washer and brushes. The dolly will be used to walk with the boat from the lift to the festival booth.


Torgy reported that Jack Middleton has prepared the four oars for the Glide for varnishing. Cathy could make space in her garage. Boshie Morris will talk to Don Rohlfing about the project.

Boshie has repaired the zipper in the south-east door. This corner has worn out fabric and Boshie will look into applying an adhesive Dacron patch to that area. Boshie also suggests that a dowel to connect the center of the two PVC pieces in the west curtain would be better than the current rope. Jack will mention this suggestion to the Guterbock team.

Bosun – Charley Drake mentioned that the Island Star still needs to be fitted to the new trailer.


Skip has this covered. Cathy will inquire about the Salish Deaf School’s liability policy.




Jack reported that the Rowing Video Project is proceeding. David Pratt’s original script is being used as the basis for the video.

Bill Testerman inquired about releasing the video on ‘YouTube’.  Jack believes that this will be possible.

New Business

John Guinn reported that the Port Advisory Committee is focused on matters which do not affect OARS at this point.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:00 a.m.


Prepared by Simone Spiess, April 23, 2017.


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