Minutes, Oars Meetings 2018


Meeting was called to order at 7:30.  Present:  president Cathy Schaeffer, vice president Peter Heffelfinger, past president Jack Darnton, secretary Priscilla Legg, treasurer Marilyn Sollers, and nine members.

Minutes from February 2nd were read and approved.


Vice president:  Peter Heffelfinger.  Still working with city on MOU for the space under the Preston and pursuing additional space.

Treasurer:  Marilyn Sollers.  CD renewed for 7 months.

Membership:  Mindy Sorenson.  Still seven members not renewed.  Most are out of town.

Communications:  Jack Darnton.  Rowing video has been compressed to fit in website using Vimeo  Jack would like to see if can use the same program for the digital pictures.  

Maintenance:  Robin Pestarino.  Robin would like a small committee to evaluate the Glide and to project the life expectancy of each of the boats.

Mural Project:  Robin Pestarino.  Robin spoke to Bill Mitchell.  Nothing will be done until April.  Bill would like a 12-foot oar to be part of the mural.  Possible sites are the Guemes ferry dock, Seafarer's Park or Pier 1 building.  Cost:  $800.00 to sponsor, $1600. to own.

Cruise ships:  Robin Pestarino.  Two cruise ships will be coming to Anacortes April through October.  Chamber of Commerce is looking for tour guides at $75.00/hour.

Safety/Scheduling:  Skip Dassler.  Skip is still making changes to the rowing schedule,  He is the contact for any out-of-area row or off-schedule row.

LaConner race:  Steve McLean, Robin Pestarino.  Men's and women's crews both finished the race in fine shape, although the men took a 10-minute rest break on a log in the middle of the race.  Steve said it looks like the Erica's stern is about 5 degrees off center.  Robin said money has been donated to purchase another aluminum trailer to replace the heavy red trailer.  

Seventy48 race:  Robin Pestarino.  Adair is putting together a float plan for the race on June 11-12.   

ASL classes:  Deaf school faculty is offering a free 6-week ASL class starting Tuesday, Feb.20, 5:30-7:00 at B-EHS.

Meeting adjourned at 8:07.  

Priscilla Legg, secretary.


 Minutes, OARS meeting February 2, 2018, Anacortes Public Library

Meeting was called to order at 7:30 AM.  Present:  president Cathy Schaeffer, past president Jack Darnton, vice president Peter Heffelfinger, secretary Priscilla Legg, treasurer Marilyn Sollers and eleven members.

Minutes from meeting of January 19 were read an approved.


Vice president:  Peter Heffelfinger.  Still working with city on paperwork for boat storage under the Preston.  Peter will check for any additional available space.

Treasurer/Finance:  Marilyn Sollers.  Report has a new format and is now done in Excel.  Balances:  operating fund - $7839.93;  community outreach fund - $4874.79; capitol fund - $12,266.52.   

Membership:  Mindy Sorenson.  27 members from last year unpaid right now.

Communications;  Jack Darnton.  Jack has had no response from the high school on compressing the video.  He is taking suggestions from members.

Maintenance:  Robin Pestarino.  The accumulation of water in the Annie C is apparently from weather and dripping oars, clothes, etc.  Water in the bottom should be sponged out after use.  The Erica needs some work on the rudder.

Shelter:  Walter Guterbock.  Walt has glued some loose parts and reolaced ties as needed.  

Safety:  Skip Dassler.  Two crews have submitted float plans for the LaConner Sound Rowers race on February 2.  A crack was noted on the Glide when it was pulled.  It may be near the end of its useful life.

Scheduling:  Skip Dassler.  Skip has updated the rowing schedule, and is waiting for Bill Testerman's return to post on the web site.


Youth Dynamics:  Kevin Pratt.  He has approval from his organization for his program and is now looking for a slow start in April.  YD and OARS need to develop a working agreement for the use of the Bonaventure.  Kevin is working towards qualifying as a master.

Anemometer:  Torgy Torgersen:  The marina anemometer routinely quits working over night, and only starts again after marina personnel arrrive at work in the morning, too late to be useful for the early crews. Torgy would like the club to formally request the port to have it working 24/7.  Cathy will write a letter.

Oars for Erica:  Torgy Torgersen.  Torgy will discuss with Andy Stewart having the #2 and #3 oars made from Douglas fir instead of laminate.

Don Hume mural:  Robin Pestarino.  Robin would like to revive the idea of having a Bill Mitchell mural of Don Hume made.

Seventy48 race:  Adair Orr.  Adair is interested in organizing a crew for the 70-mile, 2-day race from Tacoma to Pt. Townsend on June 11-12.  The Salish Stat is entering.

OARS gear:   Jackie Boss.  Gear will only be sold at the masters meeting each month.  T-shirts on hand are $5.00 off.  Jackets and vests require a minimum combined order of six.

Meeting adjourned at 8:12.

Priscilla Legg, secretary.


Minutes, OARS  meeting January 19, 2018, Anacortes Public Library

Meeting was called to order at 7:30AM.  Present:  president, Cathy Schaeffer, vice president Peter Heffelfinger, secretary Priscilla Legg, treasurer Marilyn Sollers, and six members.

Minutes from January 5 were read and approved.


Finance and Membership:  Bill Epler.  Official transfer to new treasurer, Marilyn Sollers is not yet complete due to illness.   About half the dues for 2018 have been received.  The letter for new members has been updated.

Deaf School:  Cathy Schaeffer.  Students will not resume rowing until March.  The time of the rows will be changed to Wednesday afternoons to accommodate the sailing program.

Communications:  Jack Darnton.  The small boat center has Steve Orsini working with the high school sailing program.  They're still looking for someone to so the summer program.  Filling the coordinator position is second priority.

The rowing video is too big to post, so Jack has contacted the school  about a way to compress it.

Maintenance:  No report.  There was discussion about the amount of water in the Annie C and possible reasons.  Cathy Schaeffer suggested crews record observations in the log book.

Safety:  Skip Dassler.  Lady OARS have filed a float plan for the LaConner race on February 3.  Current information for the rea is contradictory.  Dunlap Towing in La Conner are the experts on the current there.

Scheduling:  Skip Dassler.  Skip will work with Mindy updating the boat rowing schedule.


Boat storage under the Preston:  Bret Lunsfrord told Peter Heffelfinger that the city has no paper trail for OARS use of the area under the Preston.  The city would like to create paperwork.  Peter was referred to Frank Orr for the history of the arrangement.

Boat cleaning:  Cathy Schaeffer.  Cathy will organize a work party to clean donated boats so they can be sold. 

Meeting was adjourned at 7:47.

Priscilla Legg, secretary.



Minutes, OARS Masters meeting January 5, 2018, Anacortes Public Library

Meeting called to order at 7:30.  Present:  Cathy Schaeffer president, Peter Heffelfinger vice president. Priscilla Legg secretary, and 14 members.

Minutes of December 15 meeting were read and approved,

Committee reports and updates

Deaf School:  Cathy Schaeffer.  School will be resuming next week.

Communications:  Jack Darnton.  No report.

Finance:  Bill Epler, outgoing treasurer,In the absence of Marilyn Sollers.  Balances: operating fund - $4,410.90, capital fund - $23,937.39, outreach fund - $21,372.21.  Bill also reviewed the year-end financial statements.  New rowing cards will now cost $50.00.

Membership:  Mindy Sorenson.  Annual membership dues deadline is the end of January.  Please submit a new membership form with your dues.  Liability forms for new rowers require a master's signature.  Old members do not need to fill out annual forms.

Maintenance:  Robin Pestarino.  Robin is coordinating with Andy Stewart and is looking for all the support she can get.  Susan and Walter Guterbock are still doing shelter maintenance.

Safety and Scheduling:  Skip Dassler.  John Guinn has been added to the safety committee.  Masters skills checks for 2017 are almost complete.  Skip is planning a masters' rodeo, probably some time in April to practice skills and check them off.  Andy Stewart suggested some of this could be done at the messabout.

Lady Oars racing team:  Robin Pestarino.  An organizational meetin will be held Saturday, January 6 at Robin's.  The first race is in LaConner on February 2.  Robin stated that the Lady OARS have always paid their own way, and have never requested or received any money from the club towards race participation.  

Steve McLean is working on forming a men's racing team for the LaConner race   Tryouts are scheduled for Thursday, January 11 at 10:00.

Special events:  Vice president Peter Heffelfinger will coordinate participation in the messabout, the Waterfront Festival and the 4th of July Parade.  Cathy Schaeffer will organize the summer picnic/row, the annual business meeting and party.  John Guinn will handle the Veterans' Day participation.

Andy said there is an opportunity to have an event prior to the messabout, and the organizers are open to ideas.

John Guinn will continue serving as representative on the marina advisory committee.

No new business.  

Next board meeting is Tuesday the 23rd, 10:00 in the Chamber of Commerce building.

Meeting adjourned at 8:00.

Priscilla Legg, secretary






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